About me

I am Kien Do (aka Đỗ Đức Kiên). I studied Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours Program) at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU Hanoi) from 2010 to 2014 and graduated with high distinction. In 2016, I received a Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPRS) and started my PhD at the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) (previously known as the Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics (PRaDA)) at Deakin University, Australia under the supervision of Dr. Truyen Tran and Prof. Svetha Venkatesh. I completed my PhD in early 2020 and have been working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at A2I2. My research interests include Generative Models, Representation Learning, Adversarial Learning, and Causal Inference.


2023-2024 Intake: Currently, I am looking for some PhD students who want to work with me on generative models (e.g., Diffusion Models, GANs, VAEs), large vision-language models, representation learning, and generalizable/causal AI. Please email me your CV if you are interested in. More information can be found here.

17/05/2023 Our paper "Causal Inference via Style Transfer for Out-of-distribution Generalisation" was accepted at KDD-2023. Congrats to my student Khanh-Toan Nguyen and other people in the team! 👍
20/04/2023 Our paper "Social Motivation for Modelling Other Agents under Partial Observability in Decentralised Training" was accepted at IJCAI-2023. Congrats to Dr. Dung Nguyen and other people in the team! 👍
09/04/2023 I accpeted an invitation to serve as a reviewer for NeurIPS-2023.
02/03/2023 Duc Kieu (aka Kiều Vũ Minh Đức) officially received a PhD scholarship at A2I2 to study under the supervision of me and Dr. Thin Nguyen. Big congrats to Duc, well done! 🎉🎉🎉
07/02/2023 I accpeted an invitation to serve as a reviewer for ICCV-2023.
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